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Our Services:

Exterior and Interior Paint Application

Our Exterior and Interior Paint Applications always conform to the MPDA Painting and Maintenance Repainting Guide. We only use paint products and paint manufacturers which are listed in the MPI Painting Specification Manual.

Prior to commencement of work, we thoroughly examine all conditions and surfaces scheduled to be painted. Preparation of surface always follows the requirements outlined in the MPI Manuals. This includes power washing of exterior surfaces, removal of all foreign matter prior to prime coat application, filling fine cracks and sanding between prime and following coats. We protect all adjacent surfaces and areas from painting operations and damage by using drop cloths, masking or other suitable protective means and make good any damage caused by failure to provide such protection.

We remove and securely store all miscellaneous hardware prior to repainting and replace them upon completion. The work area is always maintained from an unnecessary accumulation of tools, surplus material and debris.

Interior Finishes

After building envelope is remediated interior finishes start. This includes installation of gypsum boards, installation of wood trims and drywall repairs.

We install gypsum wallboard and accessories, including metal and PVC corner and casing beads. Gypsum wallboard joints are treated with joint filler compound and joint tape. Interior wood window/door trims and sills are installed primed. Trim profile is chosen according to project's details and drawings. Paintable latex sealant is applied at interface between wood trim, window/door frames and interior finishes. All knots, pitch streaks, and sappy sections are sealed with sealer, and nail holes are filled and sanded.

All damaged drywall is repaired so that it is ready for top coat paint application. Gypsum wallboard is cut by scoring and breaking, or by sawing, working from the face side. We do not save small areas of drywall if one slightly larger patching piece will cover then an entire plane of the wall. Corner or casing beads are applied square and securely. All patches are done to match the existing wall finishes and are made to be unnoticeable after painting. If repairs are done on textured ceiling, a new texture that matches to an existing pattern is sprayed on after the repaired area was primed. Work area is kept clean and orderly at the end of each working day.

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